Terrier originated from a project supported and funded by EPSRC (number GR/R90543/01). Terrier has been used for conducting fruitful experimentations, with excellent outcome, allowing for a better understanding of theoretical Information Retrieval. More details, see


SMART(Search engine for MultimediA environment geRenated contenT) is a research project funded by the European Comission's FP7 (number 287583). SMART aims to develop an open source web-scale search framework for multimedia data stemming from the physical world and social streams such as Twitter. More details, see


COSS is is an EPSRC funded project (number EP/J020664/1). ls with finding novel events in streams such as Twitter, Wikipedia or Newswire, in real time. More details, see

Efficiency Aspects for Indexing and Retrieving from a Billion documents

This joint collaboration with the Italian National Research Council investigated efficiency aspects of the large-scale retrieval, particularly addressing dynamic pruning strategies for effective yet efficient information retrieval and was funded by the Royal Society in 2009.

Blog Track

Iadh Ounis and Craig Macdonald have been joint organisers (with Ian Soboroff) of the TREC Blog track since 2006. For more details, see

Test Collections

We are responsible for the distribution of the WT2g/WT10g/.GOV/.GOV2 Web Research Collections. In addition, as part of the TREC Blog track, we are currently also distributing the Blogs06 & Blogs08 test collections. More details, see


    SIMAP is a research project funded by the European Comission's FP6(number IST-2004-027265). The objective of SIMAP is to develop a comprehensive simulation of a biochemical model of the EGFR-MAP kinase pathway in connection to clinical phenotype. More details, see


    Explicator is an EPSRC funded project (number EP/E01142X/1) developing techniques to provide intelligent access to foreign data models. More details, see


Labrador is a distributed web crawler (or spider), written in Perl. Primarily, it has been designed to be integrated with the Terrier search framework. More details, see


The Smooth project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust (number F/00179/S) aims to optimise the performance of an Information Retrieval (IR) system by tuning the free parameters of the term frequency normalisation methods. More details, see


Vertical search engine for IT professionals. Industrial Project (VNU Business Media). The project is built on the Terrier platform project and its crawler Labrador. Techhound's long term aim is to deliver focused content for the IT community to complement the search results of generic engines.